Air Clean maintains your controlled mechanical ventilation systems, air conditioners and kitchen

Whether you’re a private, a professional customer or a community, the Air Clean team works on providing a safe air inside your house or your workplace.

The quality of the air we breathe is a matter of public health and depends on the correct functioning and hygiene conditions of the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • The main objective of ventilation systems is to ensure the indoor air renewal. They are designed to exhaust the excess moisture, odours, bacteria or other toxic substances to the outside and provide a fresh air.
  • The air conditioning is in charge of the heating and the cooling of the ambient air.
  • The kitchen hoods evacuate greasy condensation when cooking.

A strong experience and expertise in the profession

Air Clean has gained real credibility in the sector of air hygiene by delivering appropriate services at the right price.

Our major customers are hotels, restaurants, communities, companies and many private clients. We operate in the Cantons (states) of Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Jura, Fribourg and Neuchâtel.

A strong local presence

We operate around the Romandie region at the best delay. We remain available and contactable from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. We are also available to operate on an appointment 24/7.

The four important principles of Air Clean

  1. An experience and a recognized expertise.
  2. A strong presence in Geneva and all across the Lake Geneva Region.
  3. Breakdown assistance.
  4. A transparent pricing policy.

The checking and the maintenance of your ventilation and air conditioning systems should be performed at least once a year by a professional technician. !

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Did you know ?

  • We spend on average 80% of our time indoors.
  • The contamination of indoor air in buildings (apartments, workplaces, shops, schools, etc) can be significantly more polluted than the outside air.

Why you should maintain you ventilation and air conditioning systems?

By circulating the air, ventilation ducts, air conditioning and hoods act as dust, bacteria, chemical particles and greases captors.

A poorly maintained system can cause:
  • Moisture on walls and ceilings
  • Odours from ducts
  • Respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, and other lung problems.
  • Performance degradation of your ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Increase in energy bills
  • Breakdowns shortening the lifetime of your system and its components
  • Fire hazard

Think about it,
maintaining regularly you ventilation, air conditioner and kitchen hoods is a matter of health and security.

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