Breathe safely

Air Clean maintains your air conditioning systems

There are three good reasons to clean and maintain regularly your air conditioning system:

1 Microbial Decontamination

All the air conditioners and heat pumps regularly used are polluted by fungus, moisture and bacteria of all kinds. The air conditioning systems are ground for this type of contaminants. And of course, these toxic particles spread in the indoor air each time you turn on your device. It aggravates asthma and allergies which affect children and people with respiratory sensitivities. An Air Clean intervention can eradicate this microbial pollution so that you breathe a fresh and purified air.

2 Sustainability of your installation

A well-maintained air conditioning system will last much longer than one which hasn’t never been checked. If you buy a new car and you never maintain it, you reduce significantly its lifetime. Your air conditioning system is not different.
Cleaning filters is only a basic maintenance. In case of regular use, the full installation must be cleaned and checked.

3 Saving

Cleaning an air conditioner or a heat pump can help you save out up to 30% on energy bills per installation. When it’s dirty, an air conditioning system works harder to heat and cool the air. It burns more energy!

Air Clean, a full care service of air conditioning maintenance!
  • Cleaning, disinfection and inspection of your installation
  • For private customers, companies and communities
  • Operating all over the Swiss Romandie
  • A quick and professional service
  • A simple and transparent pricing policy without surprise

After a cleaning of your air conditioning system by our technicians, you will breathe a fresh and purified air, free of any risk of diseases and helping you living a healthier life.

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