Cleaning ventilation system: Quality of indoor air

Collective and individual cleaning ventilation system

Whether it concerns your house or your workplace, all the buildings are equipped with a ventilation system for the renewal of the air.

Depending on the type of buildings, periodic checks and a system maintenance is imperative to guarantee a fresh and purified air for the occupants and ensure building health.

Why is it important to clean and maintain your ventilation system ?

To save energy and maintain your installation

The accumulation of particles obstructs your ventilation system and reduces the amount of air circulating in your installation. When the amount of air in your system is too low, the ventilation system has trouble heating or cooling your housing. This pressure leads to more frequent breakdowns and increases energy bills.

To clean the ambient air

By cleaning regularly your ventilation ducts, you can reduce the amount of dust, bacteria and other particulate pollutants circulating in your house or your workplace and improve the quality of the air that you breathe!

” If the ventilation ducts would be transparent, there will be no doubt about the need to clean them! “

The cleaning of ventilation systems
Air Clean summarized in 5 key points:

1 Inspection

Our technicians initiate the process by inspecting inside ventilation ducts to assess hygiene conditions.

2 Full cleaning of your ventilation systems

We use different technics and dusting ventilation equipment which adapted to the configuration of your system. A systematic overhaul of the engine (ventilator) is performed.

3 Checking

We inspect ducts and air intakes by using a specific camera to ensure that they are completely clean.

4 Desinfection

We disinfect the entire system with anti-bacteria and anti-allergen products in order to purify your total ventilation system.

5 You can breath safely!

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