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Removal of grease of kitchen hoods


Restaurants, EMS (specialized medical facilities), communities or companies: Air Clean is specialized in the removal of greases of ventilation systems in professional kitchens: ventilation hoods, ducts and ventilators.

There are five good reasons to clean a professional kitchen ventilation:

1 To conform with standards

As far as restauration is concerned, laws are strict. They require a full cleaning of your extraction system every year.

2 To avoird fire hazard

When cooking, a part of grease fumes evacuated by hoods get stuck in your installation and accumulate over the days. Greases can go on fire and spread into ducts in a few seconds, causing severe damage.

3 To reduce risks of bacterial contamination

Heat and humidity of hoods and ducts encourage the spread of resistant bacteria. By falling, they can contaminate foods under the hood.

4 To limit odours

An accumulation of greases in your installations can cause unpleasant odours and disturb your customers, neighbors and employees.

5 To save money

An accumulation of greases in ducts and engine decreases the efficiency of absorption. In the long term, the installation will need to be fully replaced (ducts, engine, hoods) with higher expenses than for a regular maintenance. In addition, a badly maintained installation burns more electricity.

Serenity is invaluable, remember to check and maintain regularly the kitchen hoods of your restaurant!

For Air Clean, the removal of greases in kitchen hoods is a true profession!

We clean the entire installation! Hoods, ducts (depending on accessibility) and ventilators. We provide a proof thanks to a picture of before and after the cleaning.

Operating 24/7

Operating in shifts in order not to disturb your service.


Introduction of a maintenance plan for your device.


Checklist of cleaned and checked parts of your device.

Hygiene standards

Application of the method HACCP for professional kitchens.


Maintenance certification and a « before/after » report delivered for each cleaning.

Breakdown assistance

A free assistance service offered every year.

Tarification transparente

Nos offres d’entretien sont forfaitaires ou «à la carte». C’est vous qui décidez !

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